What to Wear
What to wear, what to wear??  This is the question that you will probably spend the most time thinking about.  It will be the one that you second-guess yourself on and probably change your mind several times before you decide on the final decision.  There are several factors that you should consider.  First of all, where do you want to put the pictures? Consider the color scheme of where you would hang the photos.  Second, pick something that the woman looks good in.  Most of the times, if the woman doesn't like her outfit or her hairstyle, she won't want to put the pictures out. So start with a color that flatters her and work everyone else around that. 

The third tip is to coordinate colors instead of putting everyone in the exact same thing.  For example, you might choose solid navy shirt for your husband, a navy shirt with a slight print for you, a navy plaid for your son, etc. Or you could do complementary colors – navy and aqua, gray and black, jewel tones, yellow and gray, etc.  Here are some examples from photo shoots to help you make your decision!

Coordinating Colors

Same Color with different patterns

Red & Black