Corporate Marketing
Life and Breath Photography also offers marketing services to clients in the Austin area.  Some of our clients include high-end hair salon, restoration & construction company, environmental training company, fitness gym, various non-profits, to name a few. We have designed brochures, postcards, created logos, hosted webinars, developed marketing plans and social media outreach, as well as photographed products, businesses, headshots and events.  We are passionate about helping your business present itself in the best way possible and develop creative marketing approaches. We are also certified in Inbound Marketing and can help you create a marketing strategy to drive sales by establishing your company as an authority through useful content for your website or social media.  Email us  or call us (512) 751-5646 to set up a free consultation on how we can help your business or non-profit!  

Corporate Photography


What our clients say...
I have recommended Jamie Canter to several of my clients to help them with their web designing and marketing for their new businesses. She walked me through all of this when I opened my first business. It was a great weight off of my shoulders knowing that she was so knowledgeable and creative about the process. I was ecstatic with the results and so grateful for her! I have, and will, continue to recommend her to my friends and colleagues.
Laura Atkinson, Gatzby Salon

Jamie Canter far exceeds my expectations for so many reasons. She thinks outside the box to make projects come to life. She provides excellent, friendly service and is extremely timely with her work.  Here abilities to perform multiple requests for our company has been more than helpful.  At times, her level of engagement and work ethic feels as though she is more of an actual team member rather than contract work.
Ashlie Shoemaker, Benson Carpet and Floors

‚ÄčAs I began my new local business, I needed direction with social media and with marketing in general. Jamie helped me achieve my goals of developing our name recognition in the community and creating a strong social media presence. Compared to other companies offering the same, Jamie's prices were fair and conservative given all the hands-on, direct guidance she provided. When there was something that was totally beyond my abilities, Jamie always took the time to explain it and either offered to tackle it or educated me on how to manage it. A lot of our current success is due to Jamie's forethought and expertise in the field of marketing. I will continue to use Jamie's services as we break new ground going forward.
Roxanne Hill, Camp Bow Wow - Georgetown/Hutto